Hey, Facebook. Don’t be the a**hole

I am using facebook since 2009. For me, it was a perfect social network which connected me with all of my friends. Almost every friend from my school, college and university are connected with me through facebook. Even I found some of my childhood friends through facebook. We have study groups on facebook where we share our essential files, important information and so on. I run a small business for which I have a facebook page and I worked on this page for almost 1 year. I liked many technology related facebook pages and some newspaper page from where I got my everyday news. I signed in many websites and applications through facebook. So, Basically, what I am trying to say is facebook played a big role in my everyday life and I think like myself there are many people around the world who use facebook as their main social networking site.

Now imagine one day you wake up and wanna check your facebook notifications but first thing you see is this….

That’s what happened to me 3 days ago.

Before disabling someone’s 7–8 years old account facebook doesn’t show any kind of modesty and there was no explanation what so ever. So, when Mark Zuckerberg said that

Our philosophy is that we care about people first.

and then facebook doesn’t give a damn before disable someone’s account it seems like Donald Trump is not the only hypocrite out there.

Then I try to recover my account and facebook gives me a bunch of reasons ….

Your account must list your authentic name

Yes, I used my real name.

Personal accounts must represent individual people. It’s a violation of our policies to use a personal profile to represent anything other than yourself (ex: celebrities, pets, ideas, objects, etc.).

Yes, my personal account represents me. [ I know it sounds wired ]

Impersonating anyone or anything is not allowed.

No, I did not impersonate anyone. [ I don’t have that much time ]

Maintaining multiple accounts is a violation of our policies

Yes, I had 2 accounts. One I used for my official connection [ I rarely used this account/secondary account ] and the other one I used for my family and friends [my primary account]. Now if this was the reason then before disable my main account there should be a warning message. By the way, I knew many people who have multiple facebook accounts and facebook did not disable their accounts yet.

Accounts created for the purpose of spamming or harassing others are strictly prohibited

Yeah, I didnot do any of these shit.

Ok, Now the last option facebook gave me was this..

So, I fill up this form and submitted it. The result is nothing. I read some posts on facebook help page and there were a huge number of people who talked about this problem and some of them said that facebook took 3–6 months to re-open their account. Which is pretty amazing if you think about it. A giant social networking company can not verify your profile in 6 months.WOW.

If you care so much about people then it would be nice to give them a warning or an explanation before disable or remove their account. As a user, I think we have something to say. Before ruining someone’s personal account gives them a chance to explain. Educate your users about your policies. I don’t know how many users know all your policies.

I don’t know how much I will use facebook after this but I know one thing for sure, the experience will never be the same for me.