Agile Tour London 2017 — great place to be.

I was invited to speak at Agile Tour London 2017 and it was a really great place to be for anybody passionate about Agile.

In its 5th edition on Friday 20th October 2017, with 30 sessions by 35 speakers, Agile Tour London 2017 had something for everyone, covering almost all aspects of Agile, from Agile UX, Devops, Neuroscience to Agile Outside IT.

The always amazing Dan Brown gave a great start to the day with his awesome key speech on The Journey to Continuous Delivery and increasing business agility.

In brief:

Why continuous delivery matter?

- It impacts the speed at which you can respond to a need

- It impacts the speed at which you can recover

- It impacts the level of quality and consistency

What is slowing us down?

- Hand-offs to other teams

- Manual testing

- Manual deployment and release processes

- Manual troubleshooting and recovery

Where should we start?

- Start where you are

- Start from acknowledging you are in an ‘ok’ place

- Identify what is really slowing you down

- Pick one thing and go after it!

- Scale out as you build confidence and trust

Other sessions included Defining exactly what agility means by Glenn Bowering; The PO Skillset by Geoff Watts; Swearing, Nudity and Other Vulnerable Positions by John Le Drew; NeXtP — a revolution in software development by Nigel Runnels-Moss; The Power of Emotional by Portia Tung , Helen Lisowski and Debbie Wren, The House and Pentagons of Agile coaching by Ryan Behrman, Effective Teaching by Helen Meek and Carlo Beschi, Changing the World or a Passing Fad — What is Agile? by Simon Powers; Cynefin A&E Simulation Game by Dean Latchana and many others.

I was really proud of presenting along these inspirational speakers and great Agilists. My workshop The Art of Unlocking the Mind-Inspire People Through Active Listening and Powerful Questions was aimed to help participants to improve asking powerful questions and developing listening skills, to expand thinking, remove blocks, encourage innovation and unlock minds. I really enjoyed the experience and the audience was incredible.

Hope you can find soon the recorded sessions from this year Agile Tour online or join the next Agile Tour London 2018 and dive into engaging workshops and inspirational talks, exchange ideas and meet some amazing people. Watch out for .