10 Things to Love about Taiwan!

霞 客

Japan’s neighbour country, Taiwan is so worth visiting with many reasons. The country with full of culture, beautiful landscapes, great food and very friendly people! The flight to Taipei from Tokyo takes only 3 hours! So if you are travelling to Japan, why don’t you visit Taiwan as well?


Before planning your trip, make sure to order rental wifi in Taiwan! I have used “Wi-Fi Taiwan”. They provide fast speed 4G LTE wifi router with unlimited data usage at very low price. As I made a reservation in ahead, the package was already delivered to my hotel when I arrived. The internet connection was impressively stable everywhere in Taiwan even in countryside or on high-speed railway. As I don’t speak Chinese, this was a lifesaver of my trip!

So here are the reasons why I love Taiwan!

1. Easy to reach from Japan

As I mentioned earlier, Taiwan is the most reachable country from Japan. There are numbers of flights from 17 cities in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Okinawa) to the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei.

2. Cheap

Taiwan is much cheaper comparing to Japan. I’d say generally it’s 30% cheaper than Japan and even more for food cost. As Japan is a bit pricey country to travel, visit Taiwan afterwards so you can spend like a king!

3. Delicious Food

Food in Taiwan is just so great. They have very different food comparing to Japan and very close to Chinese food. As well as their local dishes, you should definitely try the fruits such as Mango, Pineapple, Banana and fresh fruit juice!

4. Culture


Taiwanese culture is very unique and original. Although their biggest influence is from China, Taiwan has some tastes from Japan and SE Asia, too. The great mixture of cultural sites, modern buildings and chaotic streets makes the country “one and the only” place on earth.

5. Transport


Taiwan is one of the best countries for backpacking. The transportation system is very high standard in Taiwan with long distance couches, railways through the country and high-speed “bullet” trains between major cities. Taiwanese bullet trains are as comfortable as Japanese Shinkansen ;-)

6. Architecture


Taipei city has great buildings starting from one of the highest buildings in the world “Taipei 101”. Taipei city is so attractive especially at night and the best place to enjoy the night view is Elephant Mountain. Recommended to visit there just before the sunset so you can enjoy the night view after the sun is set.

7. Night Markets


The best place to enjoy true Taiwanese food is definitely “Night Markets”. In almost every cites in Taiwan has night markets and it’s the most energetic and lively places in Taiwan. The night markets are normally open from 6pm to midnight. Enjoy the long night in Taiwan and their local food as much as you can!

8. Bubble Tea


One of my favourite things in Taiwan is their great tea culture. You should definitely try made in Taiwan “Bubble tea”. “Bubble” is pearl shaped Tapioca starch from cassava potatoes. Pick one from numerous numbers of different teas and flavours!

9. Beach


It’s quite little known but Taiwan has beautiful beaches. If you are a beach lover, I highly recommend you to visit the southern tip of Taiwan called “Kenting”. It’s Taiwan’s tropical resort area with crystal water and white sand. Many visitors enjoy diving, snorkelling, surfing, swimming or just chill on the beach with local beers :-)

10. People

The best thing about Taiwan is people. The kindness and politeness of Taiwanese people was always beyond my expectations. Even though, it’s quite hard to communicate with them if you don’t understand Chinese language, they try as hard as travellers to communicate each other. I guess this is the best part of Taiwan!

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