As ArtDAO makes more money, it could generate more pieces at once, and sell more works at once. It wouldn’t have the traditional creativity limit of human artists.
Wild, Wooly AI DAOs
Trent McConaghy

I really like the idea of an ArtDAO, but I think for an ArtDAO to make money, it has to understand what makes an art piece valuable or how to price art, which we probably don’t have a good model for yet (two friends of mine wrote their thesis just on this topic). Moreover, we would have to discuss what makes a piece of work an “art” and what aesthetics is. Perhaps a complex neural net could achieve some sort of understanding of art by learning on a set of art category (like oil paint or sculpture)?

Meanwhile, if the ArtDAO were too efficient in generating new art pieces, then it would be just another mass production machine, replacing a lot of unsuccessful painters and selling “art” at extremely low price since supply could easily outgrow demand, right? Then is ArtDAO making art or just some sort of decoration or painting?