At SOUTHWORKS we’re not just Azure devs, we’re also gamers. While doing some “work” we realized that it might be useful to investigate how to bridge the gaps between these powerful Microsoft platforms (and convince our bosses we’re working, not playing). So, in the interest of bringing communities together, SOUTHWORKS has created an open source repository where we (and all you other developers reading this) will post ways to address common scenarios and challenges that call for integrating these two platforms.

Our first contribution to the project is now live and our friends at Microsoft already found it interesting. It is a sample to showcase how to use PlayFab’s Matchmaking service with a simple turn-based multiplayer game (like TicTacToe) as a quick player matching solution. We’ve included a custom implementation of Match Lobbies along with some custom Azure functions and a Cosmos DB to add support for listing, searching and joining a specific match. …

Nahuel Beni

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