14 DAYS IN 日本


7.15 a.m., time to wake up and to live a new day. The 4th day. It’s more than half of a week and everything was going fine (almost). We had some problems with the association that brought us there. They were money problems, so nothing serious. That day I had to work for a japanese artist together with japanese volunteers. Finally I could ask some questions about Japan and its culture ( like if it was weird to bring a big, orange towel in the onsen instead of the typical small one). I was very lucky that one of the 3 girls spoke english, otherwise I would have been alone all day. Only few japanese speak english and she was one of them. The work was quite boring. I had to clear a building, paint the walls, fix some cables to the pavement… On the other hand the artworks where really impressive. In the past the building was a house so it had many rooms and in every room there was an artwork. My favorite one was an installation made of colorful straws connected together. They created some geometrical figures and were attached to a device that made them move in circles. This big structure hung from the roof of a completely dark room. You could only see the straws, that were painted with glowing colors and they seemed to be floating on the room. At 6 p.m. we went to an onsen. That one turned out to be my favourite. It was built on the 1st floor of a small train station. It was so pictoresque! All the pools were indoor and you could see the mountains and the woods from the windows. I found Japanese nature surprisingly exotic, almost tropical for its color. Anyway… The 3 girls had to take the bus to go back to Tokyo so they left me in Kinare museum. There I had to wait for other volunteers to come and bring me back to the dorm. At that point, I saw the best sunset of my trip. The building of the museum was really nice and with an orange sky in the background it was amazing. I can still picture it clearly in my mind and that was the perfect way to end the day.

A volunteer and an artwork
These were the straws
Another artwork
That’s it
Kinare museum
The sunset
The pidgeon hole
The end
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