Face the fear of “I don’t know”

Yes you, step up. Digital technology is not going away.

In working with companies to help them build digital knowledge; technology is a topic that invokes discomfort in the most capable of people.

Workshops usually begin with people reluctantly and nervously entering the room. A high level of discomfort and fear that they may be asked to do something with which they have no or low self confidence.

THE #1 TRICK for talking technology is realising it’s OK to say “I don’t know”.

It has been one of the hardest skills for me to find when I am looking to build my own team. And it’s the first topic I talk to in my workshops.

Why? To understand digital you have to know it is so vast that to know it all would be impossible. Fortunately, however, there is your friend Google who can help you find the answers. And the more you find out the easier it gets.

Why are we all so scared of admitting we don’t know something? Surely it’s the only way we can learn more. I think we have become conditioned. Driven by the belief that to be good at what you do you need to know the answers. What you really need to know is the questions.

In the future we are going to need to adapt. There are so many new technologies and changing environments, it’s infinite. And it is set to continue.

Now and in tomorrow’s world ‘smart’ will be understanding the shifting technology and the behaviour it drives and joining the dots to innovate ahead or alongside the movement.

By the end of my workshops people leave excited, empowered and a little more confident to embark on a digital conversation. It’s like most things, once you start looking into it, it’s simpler than you thought.

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