Peoples’ technology skills regress in the workplace.

Play the long game; invest in your activating your teams’ minds.

Most people working in established brands are required to regress technologically when they enter work. They move from smart phones and connectivity to disparate legacy systems.

We should be building on their technology knowledge and experience. Even if the systems aren’t able to catch up, there is plenty of thinking to be done. Keeping up with technology, how it is changing people’s behaviours and the effect it has on how you do your job and your business.

There is no doubt these shifts are impacting your business. How people go about their job, collaborate together and how your customers interact with you. It should be a key focus.

Everyone is talking about creating change and innovation. I am usually one of those people who come in to help this happen. But people are frequently not in the right mind set for change; they feel threatened, uncomfortable and defensive.

Before or while you go about creating organisational change, play the long game; invest in activating your teams’ minds. Demonstrate knowledge and thinking from a leadership stance. Give people the confidence to be responsive to change.

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