Simple Token OST PoC III Challenge: Introducing blockchain applications to Educational institutions (Week#1 update)

Immutable feature of blockchain can be used to store the student records such as exam results, graduation certificates, which can be used by their future employers to verify the authenticity. And all the transactions can be tokenized within particular university and all of it’s affiliated institutions.

About Simple Token (OST):

OST is developing the essential blockchain infrastructure and toolkit for businesses to help them tokenize their economies. The below video explain wonderfully about OST .

Introduction of University (ANU) Token:

I have participated in Simple Token (OST) PoC II challenge and developed an android application as an interface for users of an university to carry out all the transactions with in university on OST blockchain. I learned a lot in phase 2 development and was interesting to get hands on experience on blockchain.

Students pays their tuition fee, hostel feel, library, food expenses as user to company transactions and administration pays salaries to teachers and staff as company to user transactions. students, teachers and others can transfer tokens within themselves.

PoC II Features:

  1. Different users (students, professors, administration, Finance, workers to maintain the infrastructure, food courts, Hostel Managers, third party workers etc) needs to be created.
  2. Different transaction types can be created such as, education fee based on course, professor’s salary based on level, infrastructure purchases, library fees, canteen fees, hostel fees, examination fees etc.
  3. Allow transactions between users.

OST team has released wallet balance and ledger API and as part of OST PoC III challenge, I am going to integrate those features into android application.

Plan for coming weeks:

  1. Get familiar with new features and ledger API.
  2. Display User wallet balance.
  3. Display Users transactions from ledger on OST blockchain.

I will keep updating the progress of OSTa3 challenge here…