my life through my relationship with my sister.

i have a lot of very good relationships. Mine and my sister’s is one i cherish the most (this one and mine with my mom and another one of mine with my bestfriend).

i am 5 years her senior. Before she was born i had specifically asked my parents to buy me an older sister. Along the way, while i was staying with my father -/+ 300 km away from my mother because of her work, she came home for a longer visit carrying a little baby. For at least two years, i thought my sister was a baby that a company my mom was working for had lent to her. i don’t know why i thought the reason for that was.

Since birth, i have never spent over 5/6 weeks with my sister. When she was born she stayed with my mom, i stayed with my father. When my mother came back home, i went to boarding school and when it was her turn to join boarding school, i had already moved to another level of schooling. She is currently doing her grade 11, and I stay at home full time — i graduated twelve days ago, and then hopefully i will be admitted for postgraduate next year. Because of these turn of events, we never got a chance to be friends.

i used to hope that we would turn into friends by now, but we still haven’t and i’m okay with it now. most days i see her as a daughter. We do hold good conversations on a regular basis. But, most times we go hours without taking to each other. In a sense that each is minding their business and mutually being comfortable in each other’s presence. i laugh a lot when we talk, i goof around a lot with her, i annoy her with my singing that is said to be horrible and i dance a lot.

She is really kind to me, speaks nice of me, she doesn’t give away my numbers to boys, she doesn’t say a word to my mom about my sneaky way.

She has a few lows, that drive me to lose my temper. But, i love her and she makes me want to be a better person, everyday.