On More Gratitude…

Yesterday I went to have my eyes checked and had to have my pupils dilated. That involves having these super stingy eye drops in order for them to check the back of your eye and keeping them closed for almost thirty minutes.

In those minutes I imagined what it would be like to be blind. I thought about all the things I would miss seeing the most.

My mother’s smile

My dad’s serious face

My partner's big hands

My IPhone screen

Grand square bread

And all food

My perfume collection

Watching TV

My books

The beautiful sunshine in Nigeria

Driving through crazy Lagos roads

And then my eyes were back to normal

And I could not stop thanking God

For yet another blessing

That we all take for granted

Oju l’oba ara

The eyes are the king of the body

The window into your soul

The expression of every emotion

Joy, tears, fear, contentment

Cannot be concealed in the eyes

Alhamdullilahi for my eyes

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