Design thinking also needs to be about design doing — trends for 2016

In a digital world there are few things as important as understanding behaviour. If you can discern the patterns, you can factor them into your planning and strategies, using them to your advantage. These are the trends that have my attention:

The macro trends:

  • Living Services will underpin everything. Developments at a technology level (see my recent blog on the rise of AI) and at the demand level are emerging fast. Take note.
  • Social change through digital is unavoidable. It’s being seen in the workplace, the home, and it’s driving social and political change (see this short video on the#ZumaMustFall protest movement).
  • Design thinking also needs to be about design doing. Companies and governments are bringing the practice of design in-house. Failure to carry through, as Steve Harvey discovered at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, can be disastrous.

Fjord, a design and innovation consultancy within Accenture Digital, recently released their trends for 2016 which offers a list of intriguing micro trends to watch out for this year:

  • Watch… it listens. Wearables, nearables, tracking algorithms — brands and devices are becoming students of you.
  • Services with manners. As brands continue to capture more data about customers’ lives, the question of privacy and data protection looms large.
  • Disappearing apps. Services are becoming more intelligent and integrated as they atomize. Apps are being subsumed by platforms.
  • VR’s dreams come true. Virtual reality is finding its way into education, tourism and health and will begin finding its place in our work, play and homes.
  • Design from within. The pressure to innovate has never been stronger. Corporations are investing directly in business incubators and innovation labs, bringing design thinking and problem solving in-house.

Let me know if some or all of these resonate with you. I would love to know your picks.

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