The best opportunities in life come when we least expect

Jan 15 · 4 min read

How did you end up at Nailab?

It was a fortunate happen, I wasn’t looking for work when the opportunity to join Nailab presented itself. Before I joined Nailab I worked in a marketing agency doing business development. We partnered with development agencies that were helping SMEs to grow and later on scale or if they were already in business to accelerate. Our role was to advise SMEs on marketing specifically on how to gather information about their target market before introducing a product into the market.

At one point we needed to partner with HUBs that were accelerating SMEs and while seeking for business , I happened to meet Sam . I would describe this as serendipity.

What exactly do you do here at Nailab?

I am the business development manager and my role is to look for new channels and avenues that we can do business and also create partnerships that develop us not just in terms of money but to also develop us by way of reach, growth and experience.

What do you love most about working for Nailab?

I love how versatile Nailab is. We are applicable in every sector as long as it’s legal 😃 We fit in to any industrial sector in the country and in the continent. The factor that we are contributing to the economic growth of the country by supporting entrepreneurs through knowledge and funding opportunities, we are making generational impact.

Who is Rachel?

That’s a very interesting question. I believe that who we are keeps on changing as we go through life. At any one point an experience may come that may inform who you are or affect who you are for a particular season. Last year I had a major loss in my life and so the person I am now if you had asked me this question 5 months ago I don’t think I would say this.

So at this particular point I would say resilient. I had no reason to join Nailab, I could have simply said I can’t handle anything new after that experience but I realised it was the right move to make as it would push me to the next level.

What is your personality like? Does knowing your personality help you relate better with people?

For some reason I never fit in any of the four. At times I can be sanguine especially on a topic that I know and have experience or one that i’m excited about. On the other hand, spaces that are very new I tend to be very very quiet until I can understand what’s going on and before I come out. Am the type of person that when I sense there is honesty and genuineness then I can easily be myself. I always chill until I’m able to understand the space that I’m in.

What does Rachel do for fun?

I enjoy the outdoors. Previously more so than now. There was a time in my life when I would enjoy whitewater rafting, going out on hikes and for some reason that changed a bit. These days I find that I enjoy reading a book, sitting on the balcony and enjoying the sun, brunches on Sundays are my best with my family. The one thing that has remained consistent is that I love walking. If I have comfortable shoes and the weather is favourable, with good enough music that isn’t too loud I can really walk.

What do you love most about the work that you do?

The different people I get to meet. That always amazes me because I meet people of different cultures, backgrounds and continents. There is always a lot to learn from them. It forces me to be open minded. It makes me accept people as they are and it teaches me that although people are different they are also similar. Another thing is having to start pursuing a business deal that at times takes months before closing. When I finally close a deal there is always a sense of achievement, its the best experience.

What is the one thing that guides you especially when you feel like you are about to give up?

God is a very big impact in my life. The fact that He knows me by name and He chooses to know me , blows my mind.

Knowing that nothing shocks Him, nothing moves Him and He orders my steps gives me stability. He is my constant.


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Nailab is an accelerator that offers a “Launch out” program for entrepreneurs and “Launch in” program for those seeking employability.

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