‘’MediEN’’ Patient engagement solution for health care…

MediEN is a mobile platform that suites for practices or health care providers. It is an app platform that upholds international standards for Patient Care and Engagement. Includes features for video call and voice call appointments with doctors, track health records, vaccination scheduling etc….

Lets check out what are the benefits in having such a mobile app for your Hospital…

  • Push notifications and Cloud messaging features facilitates Health care a better patient engagement
  • Know your Provider better. Browser through hospital photo galleries, Specialties, and Doctors
  • Fix appointmentson the go! Based on availability of a specialist, book appointments in easy steps
  • Fast and secure transactions. Your personal data is completelyconfidential
  • Self Empowerment-Track and monitor your health using Health Tools. Upload more than 30+ statistics and track them seamlessly
  • Brand your hospital and build digital identity…. and more

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