Just to start

I always afraid of doing something creative. So I decided to make a painting.So that I can do something creative by myself

I wanted to achieve this goal because i always want to do something creative but afraid of doing it as i will not be able to do or to make a good project with my creativity

In the past I faced many challenges to achieve this goal the main challenge was to overcome my fear.

Soooooooo, Here is the start :) wohooo :)

I have to identify before starting my project is that I should make a clear plan before doing this. The tasks was ist to search an appropriate image for my painting . Then to learn something that how to make e good painting.

Then I started doing it.

So here is the final image of my painting

When i completed my painting then i realized that there is nothing impossible in this world. You can do whatever you want. Just hard work and your passion is required

The next steps will be to do more creative work to explore my creativity.