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Accumulation of trash led the Lebanese citizens to revolt against the government

  • Tons of garbage rubbish began to accumulate on the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon and the bad smell started spreading through the cities and citizens couldn’t handle the situation anymore.
The Accumulation of Garbage in one of Beiut streets
A Lebanese citizen that is unable to handle the smell
  • A number of protestors began to protest in front of the parliament in Downtown Beirut under the “You Stink” campaign until the situation escalated dramatically whereby downtown became a battleground between the Lebanese security forces and the protestors.
Clashes between the protestors and the security forces
Lebanese protesting in Downtown
  • Protestors gathered outside the Ministry of Environment demanding the resignation of the Minister Mohammad Machnouk’s that was by that time in his office on the eighth floor of the Azarieh Building. Some protestors and activists were protesting inside the building. After couple of hours police started cutting the live transmission cables used by the different camera crews because a large number of reporters refused to leave.
Hundreds of protestors demanding the resignation of Machnouk in front of the Ministry
Protestors demanding for the resignation of the minister

The obstacles I expect to face in the coverage of such an event are:

1- As mentioned above, the security forces were cutting the live cables during the protests in the Ministry. This will prevent me as a journalist from transmitting my message and what is going on at the moment.

2- My main obstacle will be with the security forces because throughout this whole event they were giving the journalists a hard time covering what was going on through arresting them, cutting the cables and etc…

I can manage covering the live events through skype and using my smartphone as the journalists did.

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