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These days, it’s not easy to make your business stand out from the crowd.

The age of the internet has launched a new era of entrepreneurship, where people from all backgrounds are beginning to discover the benefits of running their own business.

For new companies, that means that you’re constantly competing with other organisations trying to earn attention from the same customers as you. While, in an ideal world, your unique product or excellent service would ensure that you outshine the competition, that’s rarely the reality.

Before you even have the opportunity to amaze your customers with your products or…

We all know that choosing the perfect business name is crucial to brand success.

77% of customers make purchases based on the name of a company, and your title is often the thing that will help you to stand out in a world filled with competition from other brands.

However, when you’re eager to launch your new venture, you might not have the time (or the available staff) to spend months brainstorming and searching through potential titles. That’s why companies like Naimeo exist, so you can #BuyBusinessNames that have already been custom-designed to drive traffic and appeal to your customers.

Starting a business is a complicated endeavor.

Not only do you need a fantastic product or service idea, but you also need to choose a niche, create a compelling brand, and even figure out a name for your business.

A lot of business leaders assume that #StartupNaming is a simple process. Many of the clients that we speak to at Naimeo tell us that they thought they’d just suddenly think of a compelling name when they were finished designing their product or website.

Unfortunately, the truth is that coming up with a way to define your entire professional entity in…

Startups are exciting, fast-growing companies that deliver something new and enticing to their chosen niche. While startups come with their own selection of unique advantages, like the potential for exceptional rapid growth and agility, they also feature certain challenges too.

For instance, when you’re building your new startup, you’ll need to think carefully about how you can optimise every aspect of your new venture to prioritise growth. That means that you need a product that creates buzz, a customer service strategy that gets people talking and a #StartupName that leads remember.

The right title for your startup will instantly tell…

Sometimes we all need a fresh start.

If your company just hasn’t been having the right impact on your target audience up to now, it’s time for a change. Clearly, you need to update something about your identity.

While a #NameChange isn’t exactly a simple process, it is something that can instantly transform the impact of your company. A new name could make it easier to convey the right information to your target audience. Just look at how brands like Google evolved with a name change from “Back Rub”. …

If you’ve ever had to name a child, then you’ll understand the difficulties of naming a business.

For most entrepreneurs, their company is their baby. It’s not just a way to make money or establish themselves in an industry. Today’s business leaders push all their blood, sweat, tears, and passion into their organizations to make sure that they have the best chances of success.

Although there’s no guarantee that any corporation will excel in the current market — no matter how great your ideas might be, the right #BusinessName can give you a good head start. …

What do people think when they hear your business name?

Are they amazed by how professional you sound? Do they think that your title is charming, endearing or witty? Are they filled with the sudden urge to learn more about you because of the unique combination of sounds in your business name?

Or are your customers left trying to untangle their tongues after trying to pronounce a complex four-word title?

An incredible company name doesn’t have to be miles long to say something meaningful about your business. While it’s essential to deliver meaning with your title, the name that you…

According to the Kauffman Index from 2017, more than 540,000 new businesses appear in the world every month. That adds up to millions of emerging brands that you might need to compete against each year.

With more competition to worry about today than ever before, it’s not enough for emerging startups to simply provide the latest range of products and services at the lowest prices. The most successful companies are the ones that can build an emotional connection with their audience.

The right brand identity is how startups can make sure that they stand out in any industry. With a…

Finding the ultimate #DomainName for your business is tough.

After all, your domain name is how you identify your business online and showcase your brand to potential customers. Choose the wrong title, and you risk losing the respect and attention of your target audience.

However, if you can get your name right, then you can improve your chances of a memorable and valuable digital presence.

One of the first things you’ll need to decide when choosing a domain name is what kind of title you’re going to use. Do you want something descriptive and straight to the point? …

A company name is one of the most crucial identifying features your brand can have.

So, what happens when you realise that your moniker isn’t as effective as you thought?

Maybe your business has grown into something new over the years, and your original title isn’t as relevant or effective as it was when you started. Perhaps you’ve learned something about your target audience, that means your identity needs to change.

When a #BusinessName has the power to make or break your company, you can’t afford to stick with an identifying title that simply doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, changing your title…


Sometimes tomorrow isn’t soon enough. You need a brilliant company name, with an available .com, and you need it today. That’s why we created Naimeo.

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