If you’re not familiar with carbon removal, it’s time to get acquainted.

When we talk about climate mitigation, reducing emissions by replacing the use of fossil fuels with solar, wind, and electric vehicles is usually top of mind. These approaches decrease the rate at which we’re adding greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. And as these clean technologies become cheaper and more popular, we certainly need to scale them up and accelerate the transition from dirty fuels to clean alternatives.

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR), on the other hand, is the process of removing existing carbon out of the air and storing it back in the ecosystem. Not to be…

You’re interested in learning more about climate change. Where do you even start?

I have spent the last year immersing myself in all things climate change. Fascinated by different areas of this global threat, I found myself going down one rabbit hole after another to learn as much as I could. I read articles, reports, and books, followed experts on #climatetwitter, and spoke to many of them after reaching out cold on LinkedIn. My wife would find me on my phone in bed at 3AM reading about … kelp (and its potential to sequester carbon dioxide). As many of us find ourselves in COVID-19-induced lockdown (myself included), I wanted to share what I’ve…

Na'im Merchant

Exploring scalable, equitable solutions to climate change. Systems-change entrepreneur with an international development background.

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