Can We Stop Misogyny in Hip Hop?

Women are not meant to be disrespected in music.

There’s a lot of talk about misogyny in music, mostly hip hop. I hated misogyny as much as other conscious rappers does. I love women. It doesn’t matter if there’s white women, black women, Asian women, mixed women, etc. But I listened to a lot of gangsta rap songs, and rappers kept on calling women “bitches” or “ho’s.” I took that, no offense, as an disrespectful act to put on women. Can I describe “bitch” to you? Listen closely, pay attention. It’s one of the most disrespectful word on a woman like a white man calls a black man a “nigga” back then. I recently listened to conscious rap, which has nothing to do with misogyny and other bad things to describe gangsta rap. Hip hop changed real fast. I can tell from anger. If you haven’t checked out my feelings for “mumble rap,” I guaranteed you to check it out. But like I said, I love women, I don’t offend them, I don’t back hand them, I loved them with care. Now I know a lot of gangsta rap fans will disagree with me and felt like this is a diss to them. I’m recently working on an EP and planned on dropping it on SoundCloud. And one song explains misogyny and why is it bad for women. This is America, the land of the free. And women lived there. (America is not the only country to have women.) Imma end this by saying thank you to those who read it.

Peace, positivity, love.