Sharing my reflections about food and applying lessons to strengthen our creative muscle

Homemade chicken ramen with soy sauce

Introduction: what is ramen?

To keep it short and simple, ramen is a cuisine consisting of noodles and soup (although plenty of dry, soup-less versions of ramen does exist). This incredibly delicious cuisine is not something that’s only consumed in Asian countries and in Asian cartoons. Due to the increasing popularity, unique taste, ease of use, inexpensive price tag along with an indestructible shelf-life, ramen, or at least the instant packet version of it has found its way around being on the shelves of almost every single grocery store here in the US. If you’re living in a college dormitory, you know exactly what…

My first, hands-on experience using a personal computer started with my dad called 911. I guess the lack of owning a computer was an emergency situation according to my dad after I had nagged him for months to buy it for us. All jokes aside, he did call 911 to ask the operator for the customer service phone number for Dell Computers. Yes, you would be right to assume that the phone conversation was a rather unpleasant exchange between my dad and the operator. …

Part of the product enrollment includes an option to download the mobile app

It was sometime in the middle of a sprint when one of our devs asked our UX team to update how a user downloads a mobile app. This update would require the user to select the type of mobile device (iOS or Android) they have in order to send the correct app download link. Hearing this, our UX team immediately knew that something was not right here…

Before I continue, I want to pause here briefly in order to give some background on what I’m talking about.


Let’s say that you just purchased a brand new vehicle. Your vehicle comes…

I was creating a Facebook page for a design club and decided that the club should also have an Instagram account. In order to create the Instagram account, I signed out of my personal account, from both my laptop as well as my iPhone. After selecting “Log Out” from my iPhone, the app prompted me with a confirmation message:

Remember Login Info. We’ll remember your login info for you. You won’t need to enter it when you log in again. [Not Now] [Remember]

I thought that message was very convenient — if I select “Remember” I probably won’t need to…

Naim Rahman

User Experience @ Amazon. Passionate about design thinking, problem solving, and ramen noodles. Check out my work:

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