Sharing my reflections about food and applying lessons to strengthen our creative muscle

Homemade chicken ramen with soy sauce

Introduction: what is ramen?

To keep it short and simple, ramen is a cuisine consisting of noodles and soup (although plenty of dry, soup-less versions of ramen does exist). This incredibly delicious cuisine is not something that’s only consumed in Asian countries and in Asian cartoons. Due to the increasing popularity, unique taste, ease…

My first, hands-on experience using a personal computer started when my dad called 911. I was nagging my dad so much about buying a personal computer that he turned it into an emergency situation. All jokes aside, he did call 911 to ask the operator for the customer service phone…

Part of the product enrollment includes an option to download the mobile app

It was sometime in the middle of a sprint when one of our devs asked our UX team to update how a user downloads a mobile app. This update would require the user to select the type of mobile device (iOS or Android) they have in order to send the…

Naim Rahman

User Experience @ Amazon. Passionate about design thinking, problem solving, and ramen noodles. Check out my work:

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