Ye Tinder Tinder Kya Hai

Am I desperate? NO.

Am I curious? Yes.

Okay, so I decided to explore this much talked about dating app, Tinder a few days back and am now going to share my experience here.

The app asks you to make an account. You can login from Facebook and fill in necessary details about yourself in the 'About Me' section; manage the location, your pictures, and username in the Settings. Once you are done with these formalities, you can start checking out people. Tinder recommends people for you on the basis of distance and common interests.

So, I started checking out guys on the basis of their looks and what they wrote about themselves in 'About Me' section. Swipe left for the wannabes and right for the well-off ones, I started pampering my judgemental self. Most of the guys I liked instantly liked back and bingo, 'It’s a Match!' flashed on my screen. It was then I realized the extent to which our country is facing the problem of unemployment.

The first guy who pinged me was from Delhi. We started with a casual "Hello" that was followed by "What do you do?" and "Where are you from?", that reminded me of Yahoo chat. The desire to reply with 'asl?' was huge!

The second guy was the same. The third was no different. Fourth guy started with the pick up line, "I was planning on running a marathon tonight but 159 kms seems a long distance!" That had me 'unmatch' him instantly.

Meanwhile, twisted as I am, I changed my account settings and activated 'women' option in 'show me' section. As a result, Tinder started recommending women as well. I swiped right on all the recommendations but alas, none of those lesbians replied. So, that zone remained unexplored.

The guys kept on pinging with their Hi-Hellos. A few of them pinged differently with, "Having fun swiping left-right?", "you are more more prettier dan me", "wazzup.. what’s yuh full name?", "are you on whatsapp?", "if dis z ur real pic, ur saxyyy." But then this one guy piqued my interest with such a compliment in highly embellished English language that I had to delete my account. 
How people are able to find dates on Tinder will remain a mystery for me!

Views are personal.

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