LG unveils an 18-inch OLED display that can roll up like a newspaper

For some time there had been rumours about foldable displays, and LG this year at CES event has showcased one such display. LG’s VP of OLED TV Sales, KJ Kim has said this about the roll-up display:

“Imagine enlarging that size to a TV, rolled up to 30 mm radius. So when you don’t need a TV you can roll it up and make it disappear. You won’t have this big black monster sitting in your living room all the time, covering up your wall paper.”

LG has shown the world a new display, an 18” just 1 mm thick OLED display. As of now the display is prototype but as you can see in the video it is working and is playing video as it is rolled and unrolled. LG totally believes in this type of displays which will give flexibility and differentiation in market for TVs, smartphones and tablets.

OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode have the ability to roll while LCD or Liquid Crystal Display require layer for back lighting, OLEDs can emit light on their own. Remove the glass cover and metal casing and you can still watch video on OLED screen. This rollable display is using different technology than the curved display screens. Curved display screen are able to produce same distance between the screen and user at all angles.

As of now LG is able to create 18” rollable screen but they hope for a rollable TV which can be carried around, also this technology can be used in other touchscreen devices. The issue with OLED display is its high price, costly material and how many usable displays can be created in production. OLED TVs are still costly and are priced at a premium of $2,000 and above but the company is hopeful of its bets on this technology.

How do you like the idea of foldable TV or smartphone, do you think such kind of screens will be widely available?But the bigger question remains about the pricing, if the prices does not come down this technology can reach beyond mass consumer market and will always be a niche product.

Source: Verge , Mashable

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Originally published at techbonza.com on January 8, 2016.