Noria: A smart compact window AC that can install in seconds

As technology is moving forward devices in our lives are also becoming more and more technology run. Be it taxi service like Uber, home cleaning robots, smart refrigerators, delivery robots, always listening smart speakers which can order online items for you or even smart lighting for your home which you can control via an app on your smartphone. Smart home appliances can now be seen everywhere and are becoming more and more popular.

Now since every home appliance ranging from a cleaning device to a refrigerator are becoming smart and connected why the air conditioner of the home should be left behind. One of the pain points for window air conditioner is them being heavy, bulk, hard to install. To overcome all this, Noria Home a Philadelphia based company is working with a smart window air-conditioner which is not only smart but also sleek and quiet easy to install.

At first, a look at Noria air conditioner and you’ll not think of it as a cooling device instead looks more like a designer projector. But don’t get fooled by the looks, the device is an actual working air conditioner. You can even say this is the iPhone of air-conditioning, the sleek lines, remote connectivity and it even has schedule creation.

The device is Bluetooth controlled, which allows you to control temperature and schedule creation via app from anywhere in your home. The air conditioner comes with standard screen filter which will prevent dust to clog the evaporator coils. There is a thermostat knob on the device which allows for easy interactions.

Remember the last time you got your window a/c fixed; two persons were required to put the heavy machine into place, no more. The Noria air-conditioner comes with a window-frame adapter which allows for easy installation by even one person; yes you read it right one person. With the window-frame adapter in place on your home window, you can easily slide in the air-conditioner, all without the need of special tool kit.

The window-frame adapter comes with spring-loaded locking cleats, which latch once the Noria is pushed in. The cleats provide safety against someone pushing in the Noria from outside; also no child can pull into the room and get injured. With its small design, the new air conditioner will allow you to enjoy your window space without obstructing your view.

For getting its sleek design, the new air-conditioner works differently from the traditional air conditioners. The traditional way of circulating the air is sideways where the area directly in front of the air conditioner gets cool. For cooling Noria uses a new air circulation method, it blows the cold air up towards the roof, as the dense cold air comes down and then it creates a convection cycle which cools down the whole room area. A single Noria air conditioner can cool a room of area around 160 square feet. There is also a fresh air mode which allows the air-conditioner to circulate fresh air from outside into your home.

Now coming to the availability of the new device, the company behind the new concept started a Kickstarter campaign till 3rdJune and raised a total of $1,468,737 USD. With more people showing interest in the new air-conditioner for placing orders, a new campaign was launched on Indiegogo. A single Noria air conditioner can be pre-ordered at $299 USD (shipping additional), as compared to the retail price of $400 USD.

The new device is expected to start shipping from April 2017. But there is a caveat though, the device at the time of launch is only available for customers in Canada and US, availability for other countries will come but no exact date is confirmed. The company will be giving a one year warranty and claims a life of 10 years under normal working conditions.

With huge demand from the customers and faith put by them in Noria, now it’s up to the makers to come good on their promise of a new kind of air conditioner for home. Maybe Noria could be the device which changes the future of our homes for good.

Source: Noria Home

Originally published at on June 25, 2016.