RoBoHoN: A cute little robot smartphone from Sharp

Sharp is bringing a new kind of smartphone to the market and it’s not another full touchscreen smartphone. Since the first iPhone came to the market our phones have become all similar in looks. All the phones are slabs of glass with plastic or metal back. Many people would not agree with me and say their phone is not a copy but the original designed one, but whatever you say they all look familiar now a days.

Japanese company Sharp is trying to change all that with a new robot smartphone RoBoHoN. How successful will this new product be is still in under the wraps of future but the new offering from Sharp does look interesting. With RoBoHoN, Sharp has done an amalgamation of a smartphone and modern day virtual assistant into the body of a robot. The robot RoBoHoN can be the one robot which we all have wanted to own and can become friends with.

The new robot smartphone will be available in Japan from May this year and is up for pre-order now at a price of $1,800. Don’t be surprised by the price tag it surely is costly even than the latest iPhone in the market. The device is a small 20cm tall robot with a small 2” 320 x 240 pixel resolution touchscreen on the back. RoBoHoN runs on Android 5.0 with 16GB of storage and 1,700mAh battery inside the body. There is support for Bluetooth 4.0, supports LTE and 3G connectivity is also there. There is an eight megapixel camera which can take photos at your command. The robot also has a inbuilt projector with a resolution of 1280 x 720 to project photos, videos and maps for users.

The cute RoBoHoN is voice controlled and does tasks like reading out text messages and sending replies which are dictated to the robot. Not just sending and receiving messages, RoBoHoN is also capable of making calls and doing other tasks a normal smartphone does. The calls would be placed through the loud speaker on the robot and if you want discreet calls you can do that by placing the robot next to your ear and the call will be routed just like a normal phone. Some people are not even comfortable talking into a big 6” smartphone, so how much would people like talking into a big robot is anyone’s guess. The robot from Sharp is capable of walking, dancing and talking to you.

RoBoHoN is not lightweight and you need a pouch to carry it and talking into a robot in public places will not be so cool. Will it replace my phone: no, is the answer but do I want one definitely yes. See how cute are those little movable arms are, its cute little face makes you want to talk and look to it every time. The way he talks the way he moves every time I watch the video I want to get one for me.

RoBoHoN with it’s voice controlled support for doing tasks walking around is definitely futuristic.Well, agreed the price is high but how many times does any product want you to own it due to it’s cuteness level. Who knows RoBoHoN could become the game changer for future smartphones. May be following the lead of Sharp other smartphone makers too look into creating something different other than black glass slab phones. Transformer phones anyone… 😉

Source: RoBoHoN

Originally published at on April 19, 2016.