STREAMZ: Smart headphones that stream music wirelessly

The pace with which technology is moving is amazing, from our phones becoming smart to our cars becoming diver-less. So how come headphones should be left behind. Headphones got Bluetooth and this removed the need of wires and it is very nice not to untangle wires everytime you want to watch movie or listen music. Now Streamz Inc has come up with wireless streaming smart headphones which they believe will spur a renaissance in the appreciation of simple, streaming, high quality music.

Streamz are not any ordinary wireless headphones, they are smart and by that I mean you don’t have to depend on your phone, or your laptop to listen to music. You can store music on Streamz and listen to it. Not only this, you can even stream music from more than 150 online music sites like Spotify and Pandora to name a few.

The headphones can be controlled by voice system Streamz VOXXI which allows you to “Say and Play” your music with simple voice commands. You can play HD or CD quality music over uncompressed WIFI from your smartphone or a network attached storage server with Streamz Android or iOS App.

The Bluetooth feature of Streamz allows you to take a Bluetooth phone call from your smartphone. You can also use Streamz to watch TV shows and movies or play games with the optional TRANZ Bluetooth transmitter module. The headphones come with 8GB of internal storage and you can add SD card to boost up the storage to store your music.

Control are on side of the headphones. On the right keypad you have five buttons which gives play/pause, skip forward/rewind and also volume control. Left keypad has four buttons up/dowan mode and enter. The headphone also has a color display which shows what you’re listening to on 128 x 128 pixel OLED displays. The headphones weighs at a 16 Ounces. The headphone support MP3, Hi Res FLAC, WAV, ALAC AAC.

The device will be launched in CES 2016, Jan 6- Jan 9. Streamz is priced at $400 and will be available for purchase from the brand’s online store from 11thJan. So what you think of these headphones will you be getting one for yourself.

Source: Streamz

Via: DigitalTrends

Originally published at on December 23, 2015.