What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Today we stand at the onset of something remarkable; a revolution that will forever change the landscape of industries and economies across the globe. This revolution has the potential to make the sci-fi worlds of some of our favorite fiction books a living reality. What is the 4th industrial revolution and how did we get here?

1st industrial revolution (end of 18th century) witnessed the replacement of human and animal power with machines mechanized by water and steam power.

2nd industrial revolution (beginning of 19th century) powered by electricity ushered division of labor and mass production.

3rd industrial revolution (beginning of 1970s) was the onset of automated production enabled by electronics and IT.

4th industrial revolution (today) marks the beginning of a universe governed by cyber physical systems where the digital and physical worlds will fuse together. This revolution is being propelled by breakthroughs in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and many more. What makes the 4th industrial revolution particularly interesting is the exponential pace of it’s evolution. Things are going to get very exciting very quickly.

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