Never hesitate to take another shot, it’s life….

Little sister : Dii(sister), what is the meaning of life ??

Me : let’s take a selfie !! Would you like to have a selfie with me ?

Little sister : Wow !! I am always ready for it, let’s go !!

Selfie Clicked !!!

Me : Great ! We got it.

Little sister : But dii, it’s not so good, it’s blurred, let’s try another one.

Me : Yeah, you are right, let’s try one more and you know….. same is the meaning of life

Little sister : How dii ??

Me : Ummmm, you want best photo…. Right ?

Little sister : Offcourse dii!

Me : You know, the best photo will only come at that time, when camera will be focused at its best, as we failed in first attempt to take best and you said try again, same is the life, life is similar to a camera, so we have to focus on what’s important, and what’s best ? Capture good times, develop from the negatives and still if things don’t turn out

Never hesitate to take another shot

Just go for it :-)

Cheers !!

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