Are you?

Are you even in love?

You say she makes you happy

You say she has the most beautiful smile

But you don’t see how her eyes lie.

You say you’d do anything for her

You say she’s worth dying for

But you don’t pick her up after she feels beaten down on a Tuesday night.

You say she is your happily ever after

You say you’d never go by a day without her

But how come weeks passed by and you never saw her?

You say she is the best thing that happened to you

You say she was always there when you needed her

But why, when she wants to cry to you, you are not around?

You say life is simple with her

You say she makes your dark days light up

But why does she have to burn herself to spark a light in you?

You say you love her

So, I ask you again,

Are you even in love with her?