The sound becomes a song

Grr! Grr! Grr! You hear that?

That’s the sound of a growling stomach.

*Clap! Bang! Boom! Clank!*

That’s the sound of victory. Victory of leaders chosen by us.

Why do they sound so different?

One a distant cry,

The other, a debauchery of lies

One a sound that keeps echoing

The other, deafening

One an old classical cadence

The other, a digressed rhythm

One that plays year after year

The other that plays year after year.

Wait they are not the same.

Are they?

Maybe they are intertwined

Maybe they are not.

But why do they play together

Flowing like cold winds of winter

Can one strum without the other?

Grr! Grr! You don’t hear that anymore.

The sound is too tired

The sound is too faint

The sound has retired.

The sound does not live on.

But the *Clap! Bang! Boom! Clink!* does

The sound doesn’t get tired

The sound only gets louder.

The sound smothers the growl

The sound lives on.

The sound becomes a song.