Potty that out……

How many of us admit that potty hour of our day is something really special ?

Well, if your answer is NO! I would not believe that.

Simply , because that specific hour you are probably alone doing your usual stuff but the thoughts you are indulged into...they are not at all the usual one’s.

Many amongst us usually avoid talking about this as if it’s a crime to clear out our own body from within and it seems you are the only mammal in this planet who has this feature.

Getting back to thoughts and feelings …

It not only gives you internal satisfaction but also this hour takes your imaginary level or your thought process to the highest peak, where you actually develop some self confidence in you .

Maybe this is Because

  • You have a lot of positive energy in around that shit pot of yours.
  • You feel great from within,once you are done with this activity ,which leads to good thoughts.

Many of us actually get their daily routine decided in their , as if that area in our house has a consultant which drives our mind and brings us on track regarding what is left,what needs to be done…all these questions are answered, if you invest some time in there.

It can be said that after god , your bathrooms knows the real you..

A mind blowing space for a mind blowing activity and the result is