I have read so many stories about what people have done in their lives to get out of the conventional lifestyle that majority of us are currently living. I have come across expeditions to mountains, backpacking trips, jump to a different career, learning an instrument, practicing a martial art in a monastery in a distant land, and a list of other interesting pursuits been undertaken by people to bring about the tectonic shift in the way they think to realize what i call experiencing the dimension of life when there is transcendence in thinking. I have always longed for such an experience, and have even tried some of the above mentioned activities to have an experience that would help me change the eyepiece of the microscope for observing the slide of life from another vantage point.

There is nothing wrong in getting inspired, but the activities/ thoughts inspired from another person may not always necessarily be the catalyst for one’s enlightenment process. This brings us to the fundamental question of how to identify the process or activities that will take us through the path of self-discovery. Even before addressing that, something to be aware of is the fact that what quenches every soul’s thirst for transcendence is as unique as the DNA that makes up its container (Body).

So, what now?

A simple advice that I have been giving myself in a time where lot of people around seems to be advancing in their life in every facet and seems to be sorted is to remember the fact that every one of us are unique and one should constantly reflect inwards and embrace the uniqueness of the soul to understand what needs to be done next. I believe this is universal, and anyone who has reflected inwards have always been rewarded. I will not make the statement that meditation could be the technique for reflecting inwards. It can be anything.

Since I am a firm believer in charting one’s path with one’s own unique activities, the converse of whatever I have said above could also be the case for some of you all, and that is the beauty of it. It is unique.