Are boys the only people who cheat in a relationship???

I have heard even my friends talking about what happened to them when their boyfriends left them. Actually, do boys ever leave anyone whom they love more than anything else? NO!! They are more sincere than girls when it comes to the matter of love. They give their whole life to the one whom they love. They tell lies about group studies to their parents just to see her. They spend all their money just to hear her lovely voice. And girls tell to their friends “Oh him! He is not sincere about the relationship. So I left him.” Actually she doesn’t know how much pain he experienced when she became angry on him, when she told him “I hate u” even as a joke.

He might have been dreaming about their future as a family, when she called him nd told him let’s breakup. On such a situation he might have became angry, who doesn’t? When they have devoted so much to the relationship and the result becomes negative. Nd when he asks her about it the next morning she says “I was just joking!” AGHH.. is saying goodbye some kind of a joke?

Actually, the problem is, for girls carrier comes before relationship. Upto some extend, it is good because even if their partner fail get a good job, the family won’t have to suffer. But what if she gets too much devoted to her career that she forgets to love? In life, love is equally important as carrier.

I’m not trying to defend all the boys. There are some f***ers who see women as some kind of a toy to be played with. I don’t even want to mention those assholes in my note. But there are some good guys who wish to be loved by the person they love. I’m taking for them. Please don’t make them lose faith in themselves. It’s a humble request to all those Angels out there.


One from the million boys mentioned above.

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