Stream of Consciousness 11.8.18.

“You drained me but showed me love..”

It felt like a fantasy. Let me reassure it; it was a fantasy. The way you made me feel and how easily I opened up. How caring and pleasurable you used to be. You opened up my mind and imagination making me feel new unreal emotions and unearthing myself.

I never wanted to wake up. I was finally being myself. I finally achieved my so desired climax. It was all an amusement with one of a kind rides. Both willing to bare ourselves to each other and unveiling undiscovered lands. We are not scared of anything. Everything was worth it. We were special and unique.

▴credits to owner▴

We became one colorful being filled with everything we discovered and felt. Both conscious of this illusive experience.

Seeking for joy in a dark abyss. I think we are searching in the wrong place. Bubble burst, we are a disappointment. Yet, we are selfish masochists. Let’s tribute our memories dearly and meet when we are in need of our used flesh and scarred heart.