For the past years I have already been hearing and reading a lot about cryptocurrency. I was really skeptical about it, which is of course normal with human nature especially it was all new for me and it deals about money. Even though I am doubtful about cryptocurrency I am still reading articles with regards to this. Slowly my interest with regards to cryptocurrency begun to increase, but despite the knowledge I am still having a lot of reservations thereby making me decide that it is already enough to know something about it. I did not find any urge to be engaged with cryptocurrency during that time, which I may say that I somehow regret today.

Time passes by and I continued on with my everyday life which I may say is already an ideal one. I have a stable job wherein I earn more than enough to support my needs and wants. I wasn’t looking for any other source of income anymore since I already feel contented with what I have.

Then one day an acquaintance of mine came and shared some of his experience with regards to cryptocurrency specifically Bitcoin and how much he has earned right then because of his dealings with it. I honestly can’t believe that it was indeed really possible to accumulate that wealth in such a short period of time by the aid of cryptocurrency.

I must admit that I was at first envious to him during that day which is again instinct of human. But the envy that I fell during that day gradually turned into purpose and enthusiasm towards making me adhere into the cryptocurrency world. I began researching again to what is new with it, and I was genuinely stunned and astonished with how much it has evolved and developed as compared to what it was before.

Then a few days later I and my girlfriend started spending some cash to buy different coins which were referred by the same person who shared his experiences to us. Our intentions were just to buy coins, store it on personal wallets and HODL on it for years. And as of now we have more doubled the value of our money if ever we decided to sell our coins and this was all bought only last month. I can’t deny that I am really happy with how our career with cryptocurrency trod.

Just a few days after we were engaged with cryptocurrency trading the very same person again came with news (May we name him Bibstein this is what others fondly calls him) and now it was all about DeepOnion. Bibstein told us to exert some real efforts in order to join in the community. Hence, the creation of account and account. It was even my first time to install my very own wallet on my laptop, because before Bibstein do all the hard work for us, even the creation of our wallets.

Then my real journey to the cryptocurrency world begins. I can still remember the headache that the OP (honestly I don’t know its meaning before — tnx @xsinx) has given me when I read it and tried to understand it all. I was really eager to learn more about DeepOnion and I am very thankful for whoever composed that thread, despite being too technical I still managed to understand it.

I thought I could easily get over with the challenges I encountered with DeepOnion, but it was made clear to me that all of which are just a mere beginning. One of the real problem I bumped into is the creation of my own wallet and the things needed in order for it to run smoothly. Here I will give thanks to @ssowellsvt, @phucdigan, @darkenedsoul and @Cryptomaster for being so patient with my continuous PM before, I was able to overcome it all because of you guys.

There are four airdrops that I missed because I was still trying to make my bitcointalk account qualify for the airdrop. I can still remember that my favorite threads before where from the Off-Topics and Politics and Society, @Deeper wasn’t that strict before as to where you will post which was very fortunate for me since I was still very hesitant to post on any Bitcoin related topics thinking that all I could receive was bullying from older members on that forum.

Then the day that I’ve been waiting for so long came, my application for the 5th airdrop materialized. I was very panicky during that time, I was constantly revisiting both bitcointalk and deeponion personal details page. I was always scrutinizing my details needed for the airdrop qualification and I am doing this maybe twice every hour thinking I might have done something wrong and wasn’t able to see it. But luckily it was all good and ready (here I will give thanks to @themonkii for his encouragement and making me believe in myself)

If I remember correctly the x2 airdrop recipients only turned up during the 5th airdrop. It was already late at night here in the Philippines when posted the rules and requirements for the x2 airdrop recipients. My hands were truly sweating and shaking at that moment because based on the thread I may indeed qualify for that, so I hurriedly put in all the details needed.

Then Friday came, they wouldn’t call it Christmas day on DeepOnion community for very obvious reason. The airdrop was distributed and I received x2 on my very first one. I can’t believe that I am that lucky, I am sincerely happy during that time, and that the smile on my lips was not easily gone even if I am doing other tasks. It was a very memorable moment for me that even until now I still cherish. And I’m happy and proud to say that even until the last airdrop, the 7th one I am still included in the x2 recipients.

My stay at DeepOnion community was really wonderful. You are not going to feel any pressure if you would truly enjoy what you are doing. Imagine, is there any other person, group or community that will freely give you something with value, and that is not a joke. You could truly be a millionaire after the 40th airdrop while spending nothing. And this could be the very reason why the community grows on such astonishing rate as evident on @maxmad_x weekly statistical updates.

DeepOnion community is truly a brilliant venue for people to meet and share with each other and I for one is a living testimony for this. Local communities are very active one of which is the Filipino community. And I won’t let this opportunity to give thanks to the people who have been a part of my journey: @whitefish, @Kakuinjea, @joquins, @YouShallNotPass, @t3chNo, @vinc3, @cola-reje, et. al. One way or another all of you have been able to contribute in my development in cryptocurrency world.

All of us in the community still have a long way to go, we are not even half finished yet. These are all just a beginning, we have all defended the ONION against FUDDERS but I know as time goes on more will come. So let us not falter with our full support for the ONION, together we will achieve the plans dedicated for this community.

To all the moderators and developers behind the creation of ONION I thank you, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your campaign.

To all those who are disqualified for the airdrop, don’t lose hope. I know ONION has prepared something great for all of you…

To all the newbie’s in the community, in behalf of all the people behind ONION I welcome you and may you show the same support and dedication offered by those who have been here first.

To all the FUDDERS out there bring it on! we will never cease to support ONION.

And to all of those who haven’t joined ONION yet.

This is all I can say to you:



And be part of the growing community….

Don’t let this opportunity go without you….