What you might not understand about Depression
Minna Von Walden

I think everyone has felt depressed at certain points of his/her life, yet fail to recognize it or knowledge it as such. Everyone is different and therefore interpret depression in a different manner: some stay quiet, others reflect it towards others in a destructive way for example.

Some immerse themselves in it and others try to look away trying to escape from it. I’m not saying one is wrong and the other is right, just that in my opinion everyone has felt it or doesn’t know yet he/she is depressed.

It is not something you can overcome easily, hence recognize it is already difficult. Depression can be treated but it doesn’t guarantee to eradicate it, either through medical drugs or therapy. The hardest thing in depression is the self willingness to change.

This last point isn’t easy either as it is already the path towards getting out of it. One has to be very conscious about the depression and very disciplined.

There are many ways of course and again everyone has its own way, some paint, others write or do sport; it’s a way of self expression and to help think about the causes of the depression until one tackles it.

What do you thing about these last paragraphs?

I admire everyone who is on his/her process of healing.

Myself, I get depressed and anxious whenever I don’t have anything to do or have a strong emotional change. To not fall in it I try to keep myself busy with a lot of things and if I am depressed, I force myself to do stuff like going out to meet people or do sports, between others. This works for me.

I have to admit it took me time to realize it and do something about it.

I see depression as a state of mind that tries to control oneself and I try to fight it as such, after the slogan “I control my mind, not the other way around”. Everyone has a different perception and I am interested to know how do you perceive it regarding this.

Cheers on fighting against depression, you are not alone and I assure you there are many people in the same boat. You are writing which is already a great achievement and a very good way of healing.