to, | a poem

to find your voice, a mere echo
on an unsuspecting ringing ear;
caressed with uncertainty. to memorise —

silent chances you take.
rehearsed till morning, 
quiet settling; chest heavy. to wait —

unnumbered days, blank slate calendar,
please, steal my glances with
no return date asked for. to seek —

tangibility in words
dissipate after us, 
tell the stars i am fighting,
for i refuse to turn into dust. to rest —

somewhere between your tomorrows and every other day.
home; warmth to follow,
with you, i feel so safe. to beg —

‘pity me, dear angels,’
heart, defiant, ever-aching,
every night, wishful thinking;
impatient. to touch —

fingertips, here, intertwine, at long last,
prayers aligned. 
no empty, no darkness,
but sweet gentle light. to busk —

eyes closed, happy,
sanctuary yearning, 
an ‘oh goodness, finally’. to meet —

no more conditions. just you and i.

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