I always liked the simplicity of music trackers. As a developer it is very appealing to think of music as a sequence of time-based repetitive events. It resembles the flow of a program written in an imperative language.

Now, what if a tracker could be scripted by some programming language…

Glitch is a minimal environment for making algorithmic music and live coding. It uses simple arithmetic expressions as a programming language and has only a few functions to learn, yet it allows creating some interesting music pieces.

It’s been a month since I last talked about Glitch here, but it…

Meet Glitch — a minimal, modern and easy-to-use synthesizer for Bytebeat music.

Bytebeat (sometimes known as glitch music) is a relatively new experimental genre of electronic music. If you are familiar with retro “chiptune” music you can imagine how it sounds — triangular or square waves making rhythmical scratching noises.


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