Glitch: a noisy fusion of math and music

Audio engine

Glitch: the saw-tooth wave of “byte(t)”
Glitch: the sawtooth wave of “byte(t*8)”

Bitwise magic

main(t) {
Glitch: almost a major chord arpeggio


Glitch: Fast arpeggios in C major


FM synth playing along with the main melody

Glitch expression language

  • Basic math: +, -, *, /, % (modulo) and ** (power)
  • Bitwise math: &, |, ^ (XOR or unary negation), <<, >>
  • Logical operations: <, >, <=, >=, ==, !=, &&, ||
  • Others: comma to separate expressions, assignment to modify the value of the variables, parenthesis to group subexpressions.
Glitch: library of Bytebeat songs

Future of Glitch




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