Why lazing around may not be such a bad idea

“ It’s not that you’re lost, you’re just waiting to be found”

-I made that up myself

I really don’t even know what that means, it’s one of the silliest things I can come up with; which can make sense to some or sound like total bullocks to others. But, the point is- I can come up with all these random ramblings- why? Simple, I waste a lot of time. Or maybe, I have too much time.

Now, this essay maybe the biggest antithesis of productivity and motivational articles that are out there. So, if you’re looking for motivation.





YOU’RE still here.

So continue reading. :)

I don’t want to be the reason for lazy people blaming their laziness for something that they’ve read on the internet, in a parallel world I would love to get the credit though.

In this Day & Age (awesome album by The Killers), most of us just want to be so productive. We try to squeeze in everything possible in every minute, every hour of life. There are so many articles on motivation, productivity and success out there in the internet that if you try to read a lot of them, it’ll actually start counter-affecting you. That’s what happened with me at least.

The more I try to be super productive. The harder I fall.

Off to sleep.

(I’m going to take this moment and applaud for those chic looking tumblr posts, which have men in suits and the text goes like — “Success isn’t about money, it’s hitting the right spot” some bullshit like that. You got to give it to them, they try hard.)

This is not me being a loser and giving up or something. This is me realizing, how bloody important it is to relax. Not chill. RELAX.

Relax, like there’s not a single care in the world. Relax like you own a pasture in the NoFucks Country.

Relax, most importantly, because you can and you should.

There are so many chores that we handle every day, numerous interactions that we have and another thousand emotions that we ignore. When you just take a “real break” from the daily routine, even for a few minutes, it really helps to gain some valuable perspective.

And there’s a big difference between relaxing and chilling. We all chill in a myriad of ways when we’re alone. TV, Books and ____ and ____. These are just ways of escapism which are awesome. But, it’s essentially mind-numbing escapism.

Laying there on the bed with some soothing music, has given me the most insightful revelations about life. I have traversed through enough mind palaces to write a book on Philosophy (at least in my mind) and it could probably the next best seller (at least in my mind).

This is NOT meditation or yoga, where you actually try hard to keep your thoughts out. This is you and your thoughts out in the open green fields playing catch and cook.

You want to think about some problem that you’re having in your life? Stress, exams, money, relationships. The best option would obviously be talking to someone close who could help you figure out stuff. But, if that doesn’t work. Take a step back. Retreat to a safe spot, where you’re alone with your thoughts and relax. Doesn’t matter even if it’s for just five minutes.

Just don’t go off to sleep.