My Fashion Evolution

My inspiration for writing this post transpired over the course of a month or so as I’ve been observing people’s fashion senses. My mindset up to this point on fashion has been it’s a reflection of your personality and a way to creatively express yourself to the world. My style has evolved form wearing 2x and 3x t-shirts in high-school, baggy pants, to Steve Harvey suits. My current fashion style reflects simple and comfortable on a budget.

I’ve never been one of those guys who had the freshest Air Jordan’s. I was self conscious about my appearance, especially in high-school when I weighted 220 lbs. That’s why I wore 2x and 3x t-shirts (who remembers that white tee wave?) to try to cover up my fat. It took a couple years for me to lose the weight and start to really take control of my image after my high-school years.

When I worked in corporate, I had to grow my wardrobe to include casual attire. I liked dressing up, but as I began to get out of the traditional job path we’ve been engrained to do after we get a college degree, I began to dress down because of the new explosion of entrepreneurship, the non-wearing suite executives, t-shirt and jeans or flip flops and shorts.

Entrepreneurial spirit: is a mindset. It’s an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It’s a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement.

As an entrepreneur focused on building a media company, I’ve been more and more interested in redefining my own personal style. My entrepreneurial spirit has been speaking to me more lately to creatively start to upgrade my wardrobe. I’m a simple guy who’s not flashy by any means. I’ve seen some nice pieces related to name brands we all know or have heard of, but I’ve never been into labels or particularly fond of prices set by brand names. It’s never been realistic to me to drop $200 on a shirt. For what?

When I look into the world and see people who society considers to have the most style or “swag”, usually involves folks from the entertainment, fashion or marketing industries. But many of these folks are rich, not wealthy. And wealthy folks tend to be known for having a low IQ in fashion sense. Why is that? I think because fashion is not a high level priority to them as much as building a successful company, investing, traveling or spending time with their families. Plus the opinion of others does not phase them to fit in and spend money on appearance versus spending money on things that will yield them tangible results that coincide with wealth generation activities.

At my core, I want to create a legacy of purpose creating wealth for my family now and future generations to come, and I want my style to reflect that journey.

I’m frugal when it comes to spending money. I like to save and when it comes to fashion, I’ve always kept the price range close to the top of the list making or breaking a purchasing decision. However, after I watched Kobe Bryant’s Muse documentary, I connected with his journey which emotionally made me want buy the Kobe IX highs. Seeing the +$200 price tag did not deter me from wanting to buy the kicks, but put it into perspective of my why I wanted to buy them and how I would go about acquiring them.

So I decided to start identify and save the names of brans that caught my attention. After I’ve read the brands “about us” page, and as long as the brands mission/vision aligns with mines, I then bookmark it online. I don’t plan on making any immediate purchases, but I plan on methodically purchasing items in combination with my needs to wants.

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