The BLNDED Photo-Series

“As these rules stand to reassure us of the reality of a photo, there is no way to eliminate the personal views of the photographer, which ultimately turns documentary photo-making into a form of art with a strong determination of telling a compelling journalist’s story. Below, we present you the finest examples of professional visual storytelling through history.”

Over the last few months I have been working on my media company BLNDED Media. Along with looking at other media models I have been trying to connect the “creating content” dots. I had a couple breakthroughs this past week in helping me see how I can use content creation methods, mainly using photography to tell the stories of diverse entrepreneurs by utilizing the “documenting Photography” method.

So I leveraged Humans in NewYork’s framework for a photo-series featuring diverse entrepreneurs in Austin. Our photo-series captures these entrepreneurs “why”, their aha moment and why they focused on their current business endeavor.

Roxana Castro, Founder of Akumal Shop

Our photo-series is a representation of diverse entrepreneurs, including women, LGBT, African American, Hispanic and International entrepreneurs. If you fall into any of these categories and would like to be featured in our series, please email us at

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