What’s My Documentation Process?

In my last post “The Call” I mentioned my commitment to document my business endeavor into media with BLNDED. So before I mention what happened on Day 1, I must define what my documentation process is.

My original idea was to create a hashtag #BLNDED and post short videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but I still did not have a defined process in place. How many videos a day, how often will I write, which platforms will I post on and what will I post? This was around 8am Today.

Wasn’t until later this evening at the UrbanCo-lab (co-working) office when Ruben Cantu, Founder of Plus Social Good and Core Media Strategies showed me a YouTube video How to Hire Superstars where Eben Pagan explained one of his systems he calls the “daily update”. If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “hire slowly, fire quickly”… this simple system is a test he gives to new employees for the first 30 days to quickly route out the bad apples.

The system is designed around capturing three pieces of data daily.

  1. What I Did | Results I Got
  2. Problems or Challenges
  3. Questions That I Have

As Ruben explained; this would be a good system for me to use. It’s simple, straight forward, and will aid me in finding out the right questions to ask.

I know I have a tendency to over analyze and over complicate issues. I’ll implement this system going forward as my documentation process and add to it as I move further down the road.

“What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” — Gary Keller

The Motto: “Keep it simple”