Garbage State of Mind

We often lay the blame on those that run something to be responsible for everything, like a swift robotic force, your mistake will be nullified by their efficiency.

This is exactly why people continue to litter and have no regard for their actions. Everywhere you go, any sacred or protected site, you won’t have to search hard to find a pile of garbage.

Plastic bottles, polythene bags, leftovers; all dumped in places of tranquil beauty. This problem is an epidemic of the mind, and those that continuously show disregard for the land that they live on should be punished.

Yes, it’s true that those responsible for running and maintaining these places also show poor responsibility by their failure to place adequate waste dumping areas and putting the right policy in place, but more needs to be done by us, the public.

For these sites, the simple solutions such as CCTV which has become a cheap and easy to set up technology, or even drones can be used to provide a video monitoring of the park. Technology like this can be used at these sites to monitor those that visit them, and embarrass those that choose to cruelly destroy it’s beauty for the others that come see these sites for a clearance of the mind from the daily grind.

On the staffing end, Park Rangers should be on hand in areas know to have high littering, and where hefty penalties are given to those that violate the laws. If they do not wish to pay these penalties then they should be asked to clean up their own mess. I saw about 3 people standing to collect tickets in front (which clearly can be done by 1 person with proper planning), but not a single person that looked anything like a Park Ranger.

My recent visit to Hakgala Botanical Gardens was a soothing experience but it was handed a blight when I saw food and plastic bottles dumped callously. Who did this? How did it happen? Why was this area not even cleaned up?

Trash littered next to one of the Gardens paths, an all too common site at public parks and sites.

So many questions but I knew it would be the same old answer. That is, nobody really cares. We have got used to a culture where we dump things anywhere we want to and expect someone paid a wage that is probably not even enough to buy 2 meals to come clean it up. Such is our society, where people spend time talking politics and yet are unable to show any change themselves.

If we as a public cannot change our behaviours and become a more disciplined society, then we will never progress. Schools and Institutes need to be responsible for ensuring that the youth is more enlightened on the effect of polluting is. We cannot continue to do this, not only is it unfair for the law abiding public, but even for our tourism industry, if we continue to be known as a unclean society, then less and less of the World will come to admire the many beauties Sri Lanka has to offer. A change has to happen, a change needs to come, if we can start with such simple basic decencies, then we will become the progress that we desire.

Serene and Peaceful; Gardens and Protected Sites must be kept clean.
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