When ‘FemPower’ is Reduced to Sex & Flesh, You Know That ‘the Man’ Has Done His Job Well.

If the headlines are an accurate indication, it would seem that we’ve collectively decided to create a society that grants women who make a living through self hyper-sexualisation with more mass media airtime than women who choose to exercise their intellect. And that this imbalance comes at a time that women’s voices are becoming more influencial than ever in the modern world.

It seems that the man has learned that when you can’t silence women, you have no choice but to identify a few subtle ways to coerce them into singing a man’s song – while making the women believe that they themselves are the ones that wrote the damn lyrics.

Men no longer need to force women to strip for entertainment, or survival. Their years of subtle manipulation are planted so far deep, they lie completely undetected. And we want to do it now.

The new message is that it’s empowering. And my god, sometimes it is. But we’ve become extremely shit at recognising when it actually probably isn’t.

Women are building their careers with sex; perpetuating a message that our sexual assets are still the key to surviving capitalism.

And my gosh. Women who actually want to teach their daughters and other young girls that resorting to using your body as a tool for attention is not the way – fear being branded as a ‘slut shamer’.

But let’s look at the facts: When a woman with economic security and a global platform poses naked on the internet to increase her money and fame, it sends a message that ripples around the world. And this message is received by girls of all walks of life and ages, including young, impressionable and vulnerable girls — with no economic security, no support system and no real self esteem.

The reality is, we live in a world where women are still notoriously abused. Where their sexual assets are sold to them as their ultimate power, in a world where for many women they have often been a source of trauma — and ultimately, disempowerment.

In short: Just because a women claims something is empowering, doesn’t make it so.

Picture the 27 year old woman who was groomed by an older man from the age of 14. She is constantly told that taking off her clothes and flaunting her lady parts makes her a ‘big woman’, a ‘real woman’, attractive and powerful. So as she gets older she starts to associate providing men with what they want as something that makes her an empowered woman. She carries this on into her adulthood and becomes a woman who is sexually submissive to men and seeks validation through her sexual assets. During her time off she’s able to turn on the tv and scroll through social media to see other ‘powerful women’ doing the same. Her belief is then double confirmed and engrained into her conscious.

In her mind, showcasing her physical assets are the ultimate form of empowerment. But she has long forgotten that it was a man who sold her this story...

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