The Approval We Really Need

As children, we long for our parents’ approval. We want to hear that they are proud, of what we do, of us. We want to hear from them that they are happy and thankful that we are their children. We long for approval, compliments and recognition.

But this desire is exaggerated as we get more exposed to the digital world. Our images, ideas, and life are more exposed than ever before. As we broadcast online our daily life, our achievements, our work, and our relationships, we expect approvals. Approvals not only by our family but by people we never met, people we don’t even know exist. These could be people who follow us online, or even people who don’t. Due to our exaggerated desire, we long for more approvals in the form of likes, comments and compliments.

Sadly, this kind of approval is addicting, and harmful. It keeps us crave for more “likes” and it makes us feel that our worth is based on how many “double-tap” we get.

We know that this isn’t the real approval we need. Our being shouldn’t be fed by “likes” and by approval from people. No human can satisfy our longing for approval because the only approval we really need isn’t the one that comes from people. But we grant them that power anyway. In the end, we become insecure, broken, lost and empty. By depending our self-worth to the opinions of people, we become more blind to find our purpose, our calling, that is planned by God. We ignore our real identity that is designed by God, while we long to be someone else to attain approvals on and off social media.

Let go of that addiction.

Letting go of this kind of addiction does not mean you should delete your social media accounts, hate compliments and stop using the internet forever. Letting go means you don’t depend your self-worth based on what people say. You will feel secured no matter what the world thinks of you, if you let only gaining the approval of God be your purpose.

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