A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media
Alexey Kovalev

I can’t quite figure out when it happened (which is one of the symptoms, I guess), but apparently there was a time of ‘Peak Information’ and we passed it; from now on, no matter much more is said, more often; no matter what is known, hypothesised, or opined; no matter what is taught or tested about; no matter what is asked or ‘answered’; no matter how much more is leaked, discussed, revealed, charted, correlated, said, read, or reported, commented on, shared, liked, or subscribed to, We the Majority of the human race won’t ‘know’ anything we can get use out of to effect changes in or even a modicum of control over our lives.

We will have to settle for lulz and for flinging dookie at each other over what we tell ourselves Those Other Stinky Primates believe, even (and especially) if Whassamatter With Them?! is known primarily through tradition, projection, and other fact-free methods of finding stuff out.

… I wish I was just ranting. In fact, I am just ranting. Nothing to know here. Move along.