Eventually the oldsters who watch Fox News will be replaced by Millennials & they don’t watch commercial TV or listen to AM radio. They listen to podcasts & get their news from the internet.
I watched carefully the composition of the GOP convention.
Kathleen Anne Noehren

The (let’s call them…) Replacements listen to podcasts & get their news from the internets, sure; they also populate 4chan; they were #GamerGate; they want to see “Tits, or GTFO”; they often feel a fashionable horror of trannies; and, actually, a lot of them start sentences with ‘actually…’. They are a mixed lot.

They are not some homogenous GMO crop of #Indigo miracle babies trembling on the brink of Immanentising the Eschaton in a good way. They’re not all #unprejudiced #worldtraveller #cleanfood magickal snowflakes. The Replacements include basement-dwellers, junk food-junkies, trolls, and a lot of people who (just as members of previous generations did) want and like to believe what they want and like to believe. Some will even repeat and amplify what they do *not* believe, if it is a fresh-enough in-joke — information wants to be funny, after all.

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