Interesting attributes I realized about my Andela Bootcamp team

On the first day of Bootcamp week one, each one of us was assigned a team and an LFA (Learning Facilitator Assistant). My exciting team is made of Racheal, Oscar, Ivan, Paul, Emmanuel, and Deogracious. Our LFA is Mr. John Seremba and known as the “Die Hards”.

We have mostly been working remotely and there is a lot that has been learned including working together as a team through which I noticed interesting attributes about my teammates. I am going to share attributes of only three teammates, not that the others weren't interesting but this is just a glimpse of my teammates.

Beginning with Racheal Namaara, from the first time I mate her at Andela open Saturday I realized she is smart, she is knowledgeable and helpful. I was happy when I found out we had been allocated the same team because she is a person with a good heart. Racheal is also persistent, she doesn't give up easily. if she knows you are good at something she doesn't know and she wants to know, she won't give up on you. The other outstanding thing about her is that she is helpful, she will always ask how far everyone is so that she sees where to help and whom to help.

The second person is Deogracious, the first time we met during the interaction as a team he seemed more of a reserved person but when we started working together I realized even more. Deogracious is knowledgeable like he knows a lot and he doesn't let anyone get stuck, he is always willing to help even though you have zero ideas he will go back to the basics and teach you.

The third person is Paul, I realized Paul is a generous person the fact that he welcomed us as ‘Die Hards’ to his house with free internet any time we had to meet. I found that so generous of him because normally it's hard welcoming a group of people you are just learning about to your home. Paul also is an intelligent person and he is always willing to help others.

Finally, the last person I will talk about is our LFA Mr. John Seremba. I must say the first thing you know about him is the fact that he is a funny person, he loves making fun of everything. Even when he is explaining something you have always known its hard he will explain it in the simplest way you will understand it. Mr. John is intelligent and he will clearly guide you through what you must know to become better.

In conclusion, I have learned to work with others, collaborating with others, helping others, seeking help when stranded. I have also learned that as a team we should move as a whole because when one person lags behind, we all lag behind. I believed that together we shall make it, let's keep working together as a team.

Through teamwork, we can make it.