There is Greatness in All of Us, It’s Up to You to Unlock It

We’ve lost yet another legend, another icon, another great one. We’ve lost Prince, we’ve lost Kobe to retirement, and now we’ve lost Cassius Clay, whom you probably know as Muhammad Ali. A quote that really resonates with me today is,

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”

Why is this quote important, why does it matter? These words are impactful because they showed the world what kind of person, what kind of athlete Ali was. If you’re a rap listener, you’ve heard Drake pay homage to Ali in his song, “Underground Kings.” The line goes,

“I’m the greatest man, I said that before I knew I was,”

And speaking about paying homage, the track itself is practically an homage to Pimp C and his rap duo Underground Kingz.

If you think back to 2009, when the hot track “Forever” was released, you’ll remember his line,

“First name ever, last name greatest.”

Then he brought out his ego a little bit and references his greatness again just two years later in Underground Kings from Grammy-winning album Take Care. As I grew to appreciate and love Drake, Drake became a huge influence in my life. Some may consider Drake polarizing, with his pompous and egotistical lyrics and demeanor but it’s for that reason that I love him and other rappers like Kanye West.

If you have friends that consistently convey negativity and sell themselves short, or if you are one to do so as well, you might want to look into Ali, Drake, and West. Look at anyone in this world that has gone on to do great things. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, musical artists, many had or have a certain confidence that puts them on a level above everyone else. Instilling negativity in yourself is quite literally a waste of energy. The energy it takes to have a positive mindset is equivalent to that which it does to have a negative one.

At a young age, that may sound like balderdash but to my millennial readers, the time to change is now. Change is the only constant. If you’re afraid to make changes in your life, you will be unhappy. You will not unleash your potential and you will not be great like Ali was or Kanye or Drake are. Whether you liked Ali or like Kanye or Drake is not quite the point. They are objectively great and the respect must be paid. The feats they’ve accomplished, the influence they’ve had, the champions they’ve become. Becoming a champion doesn’t come without believing that you are great and the way it affects your brain is paramount.

Think about the lottery. The chances for your single ticket winning are extremely low yet someone has to win right? Now think about your chances to be a CEO, Olympian, or President. The chances there are higher but you probably think it’s out of your reach right? That is exactly the thinking that will keep you from reaching such a goal. Changing your mindset is the first step to getting closer to that goal.

I’ve only recently had that realization and as I travel on my journey to greatness, I want my friends to join me. I want my friends to open their eyes, open their minds, and look around them. There are so many people that have walked this planet we call Earth that have messages to share and exemplify the mindsets required to be great.

Some of you may know of my desire to be famous, but I don’t desire fame as much as I desire greatness. I don’t just want to be famous, I want to be legendary.

“It’s something to be great, it’s nothing to be famous” — Wale
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