Virtual Reality Park — Limited is Working on Creating a Whole VR-Park

In this article, Nakamaye will try to explain about Virtual Reality Park. What is that? And how? We just read it!

What is Virtual Reality Park?

Virtual Park is a platform for the development of the RV industry in the global market. Thanks to Virtual Park Company’s technology solutions, we will offer users new ways to interact with the virtual world, by identifying trends in the development of this sector. Using tokens, we intend to bring virtual reality to a new level of sensations and possibilities, as well as making technology more accessible.

It is hard to imagine what is ahead of us as soon as possible, if, to this day, the world realizes a formidable assortment of inconceivable and interesting projects, each of which was previously something infinite and incredible. Anyway, after a while, they all discovered the quality and proved more than likely at any time of recent memory.

Today, we will tackle a particularly intriguing subject as a computer-generated reality and each of its strengths. It turns out that in recent times, humanity could only dream of meeting new and previously obscure feelings brought about by improved visualizations from computer-generated reality. Currently on the planet, many advances add to the transmission of beautiful signs, as well as the clear impressions of cooperation with augmented reality.

What is handled?

In any case, all things are not as rudimentary as it may seem at first glance. Clearly, the potential for all development and improvement, the circle of augmented reality encounters is made up of a significant number of related problems. The basic terms, in the field of augmented reality, are prepared to expose a wide range of informative and fun association channels. The fact that the market has no proposal for unification of various computer-generated realities, where the solitary ecosystem would meet, engineers, buyers and individuals who would propose each of these administrations.

This is not a race to extend beyond time, as a group of masters of the current project has been working on this issue for a long time and has tried to offer its answer to the market. Honorable men and women, let me read the current project — Virtual Park.

For developers

  • Access to the SDK
  • Integration into the infrastructure of the virtual park
  • VR Lab: possibility to make your own product
  • VR Market

Virtual Reality Tokens

VR tokens form the basis of the entire platform and will be published on the blochchain platform in accordance with ERC-20. VR Token, published as part of a distribution, has a utility function and will be a way of transferring value within the platform. VR tokens can be used as a means of payment for the purchase of games and modules developed by VR, both by the franchised virtual parks and by the usual users. The payment in tokens will allow the buyer to benefit from a reduction of 15%.


Token Symbol: VR

Token Sale Start: 17.04.2019

Token Sale End: 29.05.2019

Tokens for sale: 3,900,000

Tokens Price: $1

Specifications: ERC-20

Soft cap: $800,000

Hard cap: $3,000,000

Sale duration: 42 days

Virtual Reality Park Project

VR Park presents a lot of progress and breakthroughs that structure a colossal framework with the help of which computer-generated reality developers will almost certainly achieve their projects and customers will most likely legitimately buy all the important elements identified in this course. .

Since the company itself includes countless areas, ranging from logical and specialized areas to the promotion and different devices that can unravel scary races. That’s why VR Park expects to join the aforementioned advances with another important and well-understood innovation — the blockchain. As a result, VR Park will move the virtual world to another stage of advancement, while offering quality terrain for inventive improvement.

Our Community

Not only the technologies are developing, but also the people who use them. Those already involved in the new blockchain economy will change the world tomorrow and bring millions and billions of people. These people are the future engine of progress. Our project simplifies the mechanisms of interaction between humans and the virtual world, which allows more and more people to use various services in the field of virtual reality. We provide our customers easy and convenient access to the best practices of the virtual reality market, embodied in the virtual park project through tokens.

Competitive advantages of the virtual park

  • Our body control system

Our main technological advantage is the body control system, which allows you to track all actions of players within the smart space. This technology brings competitive advantages over existing projects.

  • The value of the Virtual Park platform

The value of the Virtual Park platform and digital resources of VR chips, project depends on the growth of the number of active participants in the system. Thus, the main task after the launch of the platform will be its popularization with the community of developers and techno geeks.

  • Our virtual parks

Each VR Playground is designed for an unlimited amount of content that visitors can choose from. This content can be both fun and educational.

Vitual Reality Park Design Feature

Even though we’re just talking about the VR Park project, this platform adds to the massive advancement of programming and equipment to create incredible VR content. To the extent that it will create all the conditions that contribute to the unification of the devices of research and stimulation. All in all, the project started in 2016, with the specialized help of HTC Vive and Tesla Suite. From then on, in 2017, the project presented its first RV park in Russia, then in other European countries. Soon, we will count on the shipment of 28 additional parks in Europe and the United States, as in the United Arab Emirates.

Normally, in order to attract the constant interest of VR Park’s customers, they have to regularly update their virtual stuff with new universes and other fascinating highlights, for which the client does not only have the opportunity to increase some information and experience. As a result, the authors of VR Park propose to all engineers of virtual universes to consolidate a solitary framework in order to propose their articles and their applications.

Virtual Reality Park Benefits

These affiliations are full of a number of favorable circumstances, for which:

  1. engineers are likely to realize their projects rapidly in the vast masses of society;
  2. customers will locate an unfathomable choice of diversion and instructive situations;
  3. these RV parks will not only contribute to the utilitarian rest and the customer’s interests, but also to its subsequent intelligent improvement;
  4. because of the implicit online store, the customer will probably buy one of its VR space results, at the best cost;
  5. finally, innovation, plus crypto-money tokens, will help scale up the project, no matter what topographic point you are considering and what it will be.



2016 — Q4

Foundation of the Virtual Park company

Development of body tracking and motion capture technology

Development and construction of the first alpha version of the body control costume

Development of the camera system for body position tracking in spac

Integration of Leap Motion and writing of the software to capture the movement of the hands

2017 — Q1

Building System

The first tests of body control suit with synchronization of VR motion capture cameras

Development of stable software

Building and testing the first full version of the platform

Optimization of space position reading algorithms

2017 — Q2

Construction of the system

Presentation of the technology to the company’s first investors and the first round of attracting investments

Development of VR applications and starting work on the SDK

Re-testing and debugging the tracking system

Development of interactive weapons for VR games and interactive objects

2017 — Q3

Exploring the needs of the VR market

Analysis of business needs and target audience of Virtual Reality

Own investments to create a test version of the Virtual Park ecosystem

Launch of the first platform in test mode

Setting up a Body Control System

Design project of the platform and formation of a strategy for the platform to enter the open market

2017 — Q4

Early Product Version

Presentation of the SDK to third-party developers

Attracting a second round of investments in the project

Acquaintance of the project with users in open areas

Software development to expand the functionality of Virtual Parks

Review of technology solutions and platform positioning in the open market

PR and marketing of open areas

2018 — Q1-Q4

Preparation for the distribution of tokens

Preparation the use of blockchain networks in the Virtual Park ecosystem

Getting started on the Virtual Park project regulations

Attracting consultants

Acquaintance of the project with potential investors

Development fundraising company

Overview of the technology solutions and platform positioning

Media plan development and marketing research

Registration of Virtual Park in the UK

2019 — Q1

Distribution of VR tokens

Virtual Park project presentation on the open market

Virtual Park Marketing Campaign

Start attracting capital to scale the project to the world market

Road Show in Asia and Europe

Distribution of VR tokens

Summing up and making construction regulations

2019 — Q2

Payment in blockchain VR Token

Construction of the first Virtual Parks after distribution of tokens

Development of VR apps marketplace for VR Market

2019 — Q3-Q4

Effective promotion and integration

API development for integration with Virtual Park apps

The second stage of the construction of parks in the USA

Summing up interim results and public report

Localization of the platform into additional languages

Starting blockchain network and introducing VR token into circulation

The project itself is a far-reaching arrangement that at the same time brings together a large number of gatherings, each of which is responsible for the creation and use of the virtual substance. In addition, VR Park has focused on creating a strong, protected, state-of-the-art environment while remaining open and available. This will have a positive impact on the improvement of the entire virtual reality sector around the world. All things considered, many experts anticipate an extraordinary development of the entire RV market and all related projects and applications. This implies that VR Park will have something to show to the intrigued crowd around the world.

Of course, my audit excludes a thorough analysis of the project and each of its capabilities. In any case, it describes all the essential and valuable parts of the project itself so that you can get to know them and understand if you are interested or not idea or not. the answer is Virtual Reality Park, the best of the best!

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